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Sony PS-FL3 Reviews

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Sony PS-FL3

8/10 by oldclassics

Just picked up a mint working PS-FL3 from G/W. This is a completely automated tt that loads from the front. Got it home and plugged it in and cycled it through a couple of times. Unfortunately the cartridge an AKG P5ED had suffered some damage and the stylus didn't seat properly. I replaced it with an AT11E. The setup was easy and I was able to access the tonearm counterbalance by removing the top glass plate. The tonearm seemed to be high quality and moved freely on its pivots. I was very pleasantly surprised at how good this combination sounded. I had originally gotten the AT11E with a Dual 1249 purchased new in the 70's but had replaced it with an AT 152LP so it had sat in a draw for several decades. But in the Sony PS-FL3 it has found a new home. The big advantage to a front loader is using it in places where a standard tt would not be practical. You can slip this unit into the middle of other components and still access it to play vinyl. The main drawback IMO is that it is more difficult to do a dry cleaning with a anti-static brush before playing.

I would recommend this tt for those people who would like to play vinyl but don't have the requisite room for a traditional loading tt. The AT11E also earns a strong recommendation.

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