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Sony PS-FL1 Reviews

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Sony PS-FL1

8/10 by coastguarder

First things first, I am a bit of a sucker for these Sony tables with the slide out drawers. That you can stack them with other components or place them on a shelf with only an inch clearance makes them easy to fit in just about any space without worrying about having enough clearance above the table. Plus if you have kids or cats, this whole style of player is much less likely to be damaged or have your records or styli damaged since it all slides in securely. So with my bias on the table, what is this table like to use? Well mine was used (obviously) and had been nicely set up by the previous owner, so it was very much a plug and play situation. The tray opened smoothly, I put on a new copy of Led Zeppelin IV, pressed the play button and....well lets just say the song Rock and Roll didn’t come flying out of my speakers as I sort of politely poked its head through the door and asked if it could come in. WTF? I know the original VL5 cart is nothing special but this was positively anemic. So I stopped the table and made sure the cart was secured properly, and the stylus was clean and secure..yes to both. So I checked the connections to the preamp and amplifier, and while there noticed that someone had turned off one of the amps to my speakers (which are biamped) so the low end was not being amplified...duh! Of course no one at my place will admit to touching my stereo. Anyways, after turning on both amplifier channels to the speakers I went back and hit play once again....bam! There was the song that I was looking for. The cymbals crashed and the bass rumbled. There was almost no background noise, or anything which took away from the music. I own a couple of other Sony front loaders (FL-7 and FL-7ii) and this one has the cleanest sound of the bunch. It is a very listenable experience with the original cartridge. I must say I was a little surprised by how much I liked listening to this table. Is it as engaging as the Technics SL1800.2 with Ortofon OM30 cart I not by a long shot, but considering the whole thing cost less than half the replacement OM30 stylus did, it certainly has nothing to be ashamed of. And I am pretty sure upgrading the stylus to a hyper elliptical for about $85 would let this table punch way above its weight class. If you have the opportunity to try one of these out, I highly recommend you give it a listen.

6/10 by Fenboy

This is a front loading turntable with a drawer that motors out with the platter on it. It means you can stack other items on top or it will fit in a tight shelving unit.

The sound is pretty average to be honest but the value is in the cool operation... it has to be worth 6/10 for that alone.

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