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Sony PS-8750 Reviews

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Sony PS-8750

Sony PS-8750

10/10 by PatMatt

Fantastic, legendary table that commands serious money on the used market today. Built for 3 short years in the mid 70's, the PS-8750 is absolutely the 3rd best table Sony ever made, the TTS-8000 being the 2nd best and the mighty PS-X9 at the top of the heap.

10/10 by navarre

Just unpacked my PS 8750 after twenty-six years in storage. Plugged it in and its working just like the day I bought it!!! Phenomenal 10/10

10/10 by Smoke Screen

This is indeed a very good turntable,especially for its time.
And it is one of the most beautiful ones ever made.

10/10 by coriolan

What a beauty, performer, keeper of the best DDs with stellar specs ever made incl. one of the best (and rarest) arms (the PUA 1600s carbon-tube) ever as well.
PS 8750: Ten Points!

9/10 by vindo

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