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Sony PS-5550 Reviews

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Sony PS-5550

Sony PS-5550

9/10 by InbredAl

Beautiful turntable from Sony circa 1975. Nice clean sound. Very well built, stable, and quite heavy at around 9Kg. Lots of metal including the underside. Has a floating plinth surrounded by a veneered MDF frame. RCA cables are robust. A good all-round solid and reliable turntable.

10/10 by Dave_Galaska

This Sony product was and if still porduced to day would out sell every manufacture making that junk they clam are turntables . the PS-5550 servo-controlled belt drive turntable was a design decades ahead of it's time . I still have mine and i'm recondiching it but i would like to get a production manual for it .? but where? do i find one ?

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