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Sony PS-5520 Reviews

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Sony PS-5520

Sony PS-5520

10/10 by kesh

This turntable just oozes class! Mine was cheap as it wouldn't power up - that was an easy fix as an interconnect had come apart and it just needed plugging back together, but it took a lot of time de-greasing, freeing up and relubricating everything inside. With an auto turntable this is normally a pain, but the 5520 is a pleasure to work on, no major dismantling needed to get at anything. And now it's just beautiful, smooth and almost completely silent in operation. I fitted a Shure M3D whilst waiting for a replacement Sony stylus and that was a good match, but it didn't sound as good as the original Sony cartridge does now : great bass, perhaps not quite as detailed as some more expensive cartridges but with a warmth which more than makes up for it. Definitely a keeper.

10/10 by swinny

Managed to grab one second hand in as new condition. Looks really nice and sounds awesome!! :P

8/10 by caputto70

Got one of these second hand in almost mint condition. Stunning looks and felt like a good vintage turntable.

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