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Sony PS-515 Reviews

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Sony PS-515

Sony PS-515

10/10 by ludustonalis

I have two tuentables (Acoustic Research-Es1) & (Sony PS-515)
This(ps-515) is very solid and rigidly assembled.
This model has a switch called 'X-Tal-Lock'
This seems to replace the 'Quartz lock' feature
While this function is working, the sound sounds very neat and not at all awkward
However, even if the switch is off, I can adjust the speed directly through the pitch dial.
The rotation speed of the turntable seen through stroboscope can be adjusted very precisely
I am very happy that this product is not expensive but all the features have worked perfectly until recently
Repeat function also works perfectly
This is a tank-like product!!!
I am writing this review now listening to 'brad mehldau and chris thile'
It's a very sweet time :)

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