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Sony PS-4300 Reviews

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Sony PS-4300

Sony PS-4300

10/10 by Koocyees

Superbe platine des années d’avant où la qualité prédominait avant la quantité.
J’avais une 4750 avant mais là elle la surpasse.
Certes assez lourde, mais le côté manuel et automatique lui donne une utilisation rapide et précise.
Seul bémol le levier du lève bras. Assez fragile.
Je ne l’échangerais pour rien au monde.

10/10 by Minus1936

Only yesterday somebody brought in his newly arrived Technics SL-1200GR and after hours of admiring and listening we both agreed that my Sony PS-4300 was a better built, looking and sounding deck regardless its age and Technics latest advancements under the GR hood.
OK I got mine from ebay seller living not far away from me. The late owner may he RIP was the original owner and kept his obviously beloved TT clean and clearly treated with a respect. It was indeed in amazingly good condition. I plugged it in and platter span. Removed covers and tested power supply capacitors OK, transistors OK, CdS sensor OK. Main PCB made to military specs I would not even think of any reflows. Cleaned everything meticulously including tonearm assy. Fitted a new AT-VM95EN cartridge to start with. The TT renders smooth dynamic sound with visceral bass, amazing transients and sharp controled cymbals. Addictive to listen to and very pleasing. Amazing turntable regardless its age and says something about proud and honest craftsmanship long gone now.

8/10 by gillatg

Superb dependability, 40 years old never serviced very stable. Depending on cartridge used it can sound bassy and warm Maintains speed very well at after fine tuning. Very functional and equals or surpasses any new modern table in its class. An all around very functional and dependable table

5/10 by michael42

Built like a tank very low noise sound's awesome

8/10 by Alex_5457

My second Sony turntable, found this one at a house clearance and restored to working condition. Very decent sound quality when paired with a good cartridge, I use a Shure m95ED. Sound reproduction leans towards the warm/bassy side and is pleasant on the ears even for long listening sessions. Automatic functions and touch sensitive controls are excellent.

8/10 by bluebeardno1

a great deck in my opinion

7/10 by Fenboy

A very nice looking deck in the typical slightly upmarket Japanese style. At 30yrs old mine was still running fine. A perfectly good deck of its type with a very reasonable sound up with any in its class.

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