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Sony PS-2250 Reviews

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Sony PS-2250

Sony PS-2250

9/10 by mteles

Agree Jetboy , Exclente turntable , is currently playing with the Sumiko Black Pearl waiting for upgrade

9/10 by hatehifi

jetboy says it well, and only add that re-plinthed (mine is of 2 layers of 48-ply birch Grade A plywood) and on two Sorbothane one Russ Andrews oak cone footers it is, imho, in its own right a 'giant'. I also prefer a cork mat and use a 600g ebony puck with it to the stock mat. Mine is a PS-2500 (I assume a such-badged PS-2250 as it was a Sony model with 'Grace' arm) and I believe is identical as best as I can tell.

I happen at the moment to use an Audio Technica AT1010 arm (Empire EDR9 cartridge) but know that an even better SOTA arm (e.g., FR64S, Schick, to mention only two, etc.), and cartridge would not be unwise and certainly not a wasted investment for this/my turntable.

9/10 by jetboy

An excellent turntable with simple controls. An off switch. Two speed switches and a pitch control dial. There is a strobe light in the front for setting the pitch.

The structure of the turntable is well made from metal. The thick aluminium platter is well machined and is like a donut shape which slips over a central label sized disc.
The top of the spindle can be unscrewed to put oil in. A note on the chassis under the platter recommends doing this every few years. Also under the platter you can find the travelling screws. To take the platter off you simply lift it straight up. The solid weight is all that is required to keep the platter on in place.

The supplied arm (PUA 114) is very good but perhaps not as state of the art as the turntable. I have seen images of upgraded arms but I find the PUA 114 is more than adequate when properly set up.

The performance of the turntable is great. It holds it's speed perfectly. When the engine is turned off the platter continues to rotate with the inertia for a long time. This suggests to me a very accurate balance and an efficient bearing system.
For my level of equipment there really is no unwanted noise produced by the turntable engine. Anecdotally I have been told by a turntable repair man that this turntable has one of the biggest direct drive engines he's seen. He told me it would be very expensive to produce this quality of engine today.

The only changes I would make to this turntable if I could are small niggles. I would reverse the thread on the removable spindle which allows you to lubricate the bearing. It can become loose and unscrew with the drag of the record. It's easy to fix , simply tighten the screw again . I would also change the lifter so that the arm is held up until it is well away from the edge of the platter on the way back to its holder. It's possible to give the needle a bash on the edge if you aren't careful.

In conclusion the Sony PS 2250 is a well engineered turntable which has more than enough strength and stamina for home use.

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