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Sony PS-22 Reviews

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Sony PS-22

Sony PS-22

9/10 by Mikale

I have had this turntable for about 38 years now and I have never had a problem with it yet. As another reviewer, I use a Shure M75ED Cartridge. I did have a setup with an Ortofon MC10 Super, but this meant using a pre-amp. When I changed the rest of my kit, Amp, CD Tape etc: I have gone back to the MM type of cartridge.

8/10 by Alex_5457

Love my PS-22, super reliable, quiet as well as great sound quality when paired with the right cartridge. I use a Shure M75 with it, found an AT95 a little too bright.

8/10 by aleroy

more than 37 years of service and still in good use.
change of cartridge many times. Now with an audiotechnica moving coil eliptical diamond sound great whith Onkio 803 and tdl rtl 3.

6/10 by alythcarman

Sturdy.has strobe anti skate nice weight nice headshell and very quiet direct drive system on par with todays decks

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