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Sony PS-212 Reviews

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Sony PS-212

Sony PS-212

6/10 by RachelUK

Just brought this old deck back into service after it had been in my loft for many years. Works and sounds fine. At the moment I'm trying a Audio Technica AT95E on it mounted in an old Pioneer SME style headshell. The lightweight diecast headshell that the AT cartridge came in was too heavy and I couldn't balance the arm out.

8/10 by OLDHIFIlover

I just got one of these Turntables today.. Cleaned it up and set up the Tone arm balance, Anti-Skating and tracking force.. It works great.. The speed adjustment is really simple with the strobe on the platter.. great machine!
It cam with an ND-136G styless and it works well too..

8/10 by jkaivola

This player sounds very good even with the original cartridge. I have listened to various Records with it. Pressings variaiting from 70's to 2010. Even the very dark mastered Witch Mountains - South of Salem was very clear and precense !

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