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Sony PS-1150 Reviews

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Sony PS-1150

Sony PS-1150

8/10 by audiosinfin

en mi vida de audiófilo he tenido pocas bandejas que me han brindado la satifacción de la Sony ps-1150.Simple de usar, excelente relación calidad precio y espectacular sonido con cápsulas Shure. 100% recomendable.

9/10 by Jafster

I have seen many tt in my day. I do a lot of repairs on vintage tt's . the sony 1150 was made as an entry level, but for its age and if compare to what we have been getting these days. the sony has a great design and gears are very close to the pl12. the sound quality is amazing. more so when coupled with a TA 2650 amp. as a vintage it certainly stands its ground.

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