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Sony PS-11 Reviews

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Sony PS-11

Sony PS-11

9/10 by Pedja

Well built and good sounding turntable. Is it because of nice tonearm or chassis or cartridge I use (Stanton 681EEE) or the whole package I did not investigate. I use it as my 2nd turntable in primary system, for daily use. A good buy if you can get it for a reasonable price.

10/10 by GroovyGuy

I purchased this table used (and already serviced) a year ago. Came with a ME95ED with a new Jico stylus on it. Paid $110 for the whole deal. All in all, a nice sounding table I used in my secondary system. IF you can get one at a decent price and ensure it's set up correctly you'll have a great turntable with a neutral sound. Lots of cartridges out there to upgrade to as well

10/10 by downtune

9/10 by Polyglide

Not made of plastic or cheaply made at all as has been stated - a very heavy chassis made of cast alloy and all better end components being a nicely engineered turntable which is appointed quite high. An aforementioned neutrality is its forte rather than any distinct character but this is a good choice for solid good quality performance and these deserve a good score

7/10 by MrSlave

Total quality mechanical design, direct drive, i use Stanton 500 pickup and preamp NAD PP2. I am satisfied.

10/10 by Gorm74

I just bought one, and its playing great!

7/10 by Akaioldman1

Good sound and sensible starter table for anyone wanting to learn about set up for Hi Fi etc.
As Bertiesme choose a mid range cartridge
Good first buy

1/10 by James22-23

Cheap, sounds like the plastic that it's made of. Ineffective suspension. Upside? Did I mention that it's cheap?

7/10 by Pal13

I got one that never got Excellent shape.
Has an ME95ED cartridge, used very little and a new SURE NE95ED stylus.... Paid $50.
OK it no audiophile unit but works great and decent sound!!!

6/10 by bluemoon007

7/10 by bertiesme

well made, neutral sound, will benefit from a good mid range cartridge-as long as the asking price is reasonable, a good buy

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