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Sears LXI 28668 Reviews

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Sears LXI 28668

Sears LXI 28668

8/10 by matz8916

This was my dad's turntable which I had cleaned up and started using nearly 10 years ago...

I have had an SL1300 mk1 with all the upgrades but for some reason always came back to this TT. I have A/B tested them to see just HOW MUCH of a difference there was and to be honest there really wasn't anything. I ran them through a simple technics suz45 receiver (which is amazing for the price btw) as well as my Mitsubishi DAP20 + SAE2200 and in both cases the difference in sound was negligeable.

It is built to perfection, a beautiful looking TT, simple in its design and an overall great value as you can find these for pretty cheap compared to Technics.

Yes Technics have all the mumbo jumbo gizmos but that sh1t will always have something break on it and GOOD LUCK fixing it withouth spending $$$.

Buy one of these, get a new belt, drizzle some lubricant on all its parts, add a decent cartridge and she will purr like a Jaguar in heat. Just pair it up with a decent receiver and cart/needle and you will be one VERY happy camper.

I'd give it 5 stars but I'll save that for TT's that cost 1000$+, so others feel better about there purchases.

7/10 by SpeakerMania

I've owned one of these from new, purchased as part of a Sears Professional Series system. Typical of Sears (Canada), most components were capable if not high end. This turntable and the very similar 28669 are actually made by CEC, a much respected supplier to many big name audio companies, and could be ordered with features as specified by the retailer. Someone at Sears knew what they wanted, because this is one of my favorite turntables, rock solid dependable, and never ceases to provide a very pleasant audio experience. It does everything well, with no fanfare, no problems. This was fitted with what I believe is a Mitsubishi DMC-2000 cartridge and a Sansui SM-43 stylus. It has always sounded better than the class it is in would indicate. Evidence that Sears went out of its way to provide value for the money. A solid player that I rely on for playing of my thrift store and other iffy vinyl acquisitions. Highly recommended.

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