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Sanyo TP 625 Reviews

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Sanyo TP 625

Sanyo TP 625

7/10 by Fujiya

I have a Fujiya pcex-5 which looks very similar. Very good sound. I was trying to align my At 91 which needs to be placed at the back extreme position of the shell. Do you think is it ok?

6/10 by Johnny2Bad

A basic belt drive turntable that has many useful qualities. It is simple and robust, and might last another 50 years. The tonearm is of reasonable quality and the bearings on the example I studied were tight and smooth. It utilizes a suspended chassis for footfall isolation, another unexpected premium feature. Although not the equal of many mid-priced vintage tables, mostly due to an unremarkable rumble specification, it is none the less a serviceable unit for occasional vinyl spinning. I would recommend it for casual vinyl users in a heartbeat. It warrants a decent cartridge, something like an Ortofon OM-10 or 2M Red, or perhaps an Audio-Technica AT95E.

5/10 by mictod

If this is the correct model, mine was a belt-drive, manual turntable with a wood-grain looking plastic base. It served me perfectly for a lot of years, until I loaned it out. It never came back and I have never been able to find one to replace it. It was a very nice, simple unit that was easy to change cartridges on. I never had a single issue with it except to replace a belt once during a life-span of over 25 years. A very nice model that proved very reliable with very low distortion and wow or flutter introduced. A+ especially for the $.

9/10 by gonetroppo


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