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Sanyo TP 1020 Reviews

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Sanyo TP 1020

Sanyo TP 1020

10/10 by metalgearandrew

I bought one used and non functioning at a thrift store for $30 and all it was was someone wired the head incorrectly at somepoint. fixed that and worked like a charm. ive had it for about 4 years now and i love it, it was the perfect intro turntable for me and i recommend getting one if you can find it inexpensive

9/10 by E-Man

Sanyo has long made its business by offering consumers products with attractive feature sets and at least passable quality at a competitive price. Usually that means some compromises. The TP 1020 turntable is one of those products that defies their standard model. Excellent build quality and smooth, quiet, and accurate operation set this unit apart and qualify it as an underrated gem. My copy came fitted with a vintage Empire 4002ZE/X cartridge, which produces rich, warm sound. Although made in the '70s, the TP 1020 still looks sleek and modern and will fit in aesthetically with either vintage or contemporary components. The TP 1020, which was also offered by Grundig as the PS 1020, suffers a drawback common to many turntables of its vintage in that the silicone damping fluid leaks out, allowing the tone arm to drop like a stone. I haven't repaired mine yet but the procedure seems fairly straightforward. Other than that, this turntable is well worth considering, especially with the reasonable prices at which they can be found today. Just don't let the price tag fool you; this no cheap kiddie player.

8/10 by Record Junky

Most people might here the name Sanyo and look the other way. But let me let you in on a little secret. This Sanyo rivals more expensive tables. Its a heavy player and that's a good sign of a decent platter. It has separate controls for 33 & 45 record speed accuracy. Tone arm has adjustable weight with anti-skate control. The platter comes with the crystals around it. I like that old school style. I fitted the tone arm with a B&O adapter with a vintage MMC 20EN. If the table is serviced well. You can experience some great reliability. Personally speaking its not so much the table that ewws and ahhhs the listener its the cartridge/Stylus that makes a table stand out.

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