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Sansui XR-Q7 Reviews

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Sansui XR-Q7

Sansui XR-Q7

10/10 by Redford4X

loverly jap dealer told me he sees 2-3 for sale there per year. owners tend not to sell.
mine with S-arm is an 'oasis of beautiful sound and looks'. probably no TT in series production today can touch it. arm has vertical knife-edge/horizontal ball-bearing/top sapphire bearings. no linkage mech. drag while playing.


8/10 by Jasonbf

A quote from Vintage Audio sums it up:

[ We consider the XR-Q7 to be the finest ''analog'' turntable available anywhere. It's a direct-drive that doesn't sound like one. Sound is crisp and well-focused; there's not even a hint of the fuzzy or muddy quality generally associated with conventional direct-drives. Silent Synchrotor System. ]

My experience has been that the table is best suited to acoustic Classical/Jazz with a MC cartridge...I use a Denon DL-301 Mkii into an Aragon 47k/IPS...The stock feet are the weakest link...I replaced them with Agora Acoustics MagicHexa...I also have a Kenwood KD-650...It sounds rather muddy compared to the XR-Q7, so I use it for Pop music to tame the generally hot mastering.

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