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Sansui SR-929 Reviews

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Sansui SR-929

Sansui SR-929

10/10 by Sansui2019

Absolutely love this TT. Sound is pure... Looks great and is so precise in speed and play.

10/10 by windywatchguy

Found mine at a pawn shop in the sticks between nowhere's burg and never heard of it-ville, MN. It's fantastic to see and hear. I'm curious why the last guy gave it 2.5 stars after a GLOWING review with nothing but positive things to say. Error, maybe?

9/10 by oak1971

Got mine in near perfect condition with a Ortofon 2m Red cart. Plays wonderfully and I have had zero issues with it. It's my primary table and will remain so until it dies. Just too awesome to give up on.

8/10 by wopfactor1

I bought mine in Okinawa in 1984. An absolute beauty with a Shure V15 III. it weighs in at about 38 lbs. it's still running today. only issue is the feet broke of in shipment from over seas. i still have them but have subbed a sheet of some very dense rubber padding. the kind that is used for medical. cant say enough about this piece.

10/10 by Vinsss

My favorte turntable,sound beautiful.

5/10 by jomark911

Probably sansui's best TT, of all times. Aquired it at a need attention state , revived it , specially the Wood , and gloss, some minor adjustments on the tonearm , the circuit asked for nothing. BLACK BEAUTY, rols again.
This tt is a masterpiece, in every aspect. From the conception , to design, to implementation.
Excellent speed accuracy , excellent tonearm balance and cart driving capability. Excellent balance overall , excellent looks, excellent low noise floor , excellent trackability, i could go on for hours.Special attention and memo on the side lateral weight of the tonearm. This design Works miracles actually. Mine missed it , and i had to Copy a friends . When put in and adjusted the tt disguised to a masterpiece. Headshell with azimuth screw . Everything there from the start working as it should some 37 years later. What a ride!! .
Absolutely awsome.
Many thanks to the unique SANSUI.

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