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Sansui SR-717 Reviews

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Sansui SR-717

Sansui SR-717

10/10 by Erosthanatos

Love mine found it for $40 at a pawn shop scooped it up been using it ever since... the anti skate works best with a 2 gram weight ( tested a few) sounds phenomenal rock steady year in year out .heavily underappreciated tt im sure its successors are great too but the 838 and 929 command a price accordingly

8/10 by red71rum

I really like the classic look of this TT. It sounds great to me, have it hooked up to my Sansui G9000. I was able to get a generic anti-skate weight for it. I now need to find a replacement dustcover, mine is missing a piece on the side.

10/10 by Dr Geener

10/10 by HiFi1991

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