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Sansui SR-525 Reviews

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Sansui SR-525

Sansui SR-525

10/10 by Colin Shurety

The build quality of the SR-525 is superb, the quality of the switchgear is wonderful, everything moves with fluid smoothness, the way the turntable gathers speed echoes the smoothness of the controls. The speed control is astonishing, I checked this with my rev counter app on my phone and it is rock solid on both 33.3 & 45 RPM. In addition, the tonearm is visually stunning and beautifully made. It is not the simplest of arms to set up, however, once set up it performs with the same fluid smoothness as the turntable.

10/10 by paulomguerreiro

Excellent turntable, and if we consider how much it cost, even more. A great work done by Sansui, as it has accustomed us for a few decades. Tough but sensitive, with a first class and more durable treatment. One of the best to this day.

10/10 by jvgaspar

This is an excellent table. The tonearm even has VTA (height) adjustment by two hex nuts on its base so you cannot ask for more !
Outstanding performance and sound. Personally I like it better in wood finishing (SR-626)

10/10 by Loek-44

Probably the best , they improved on the later ones only the look .

10/10 by jchambers70

10/10 by carpinutto

Great is the meaning, heavy turntable but and the same time exact due to its mechanic. One of the best from Sansui

9/10 by Japi Roelofs

Very nice and basic turntable, with a great tonearm. If anyone needs to know: the original anti-skating weight is 2.45 grams, including the little piece of fishing line.

10/10 by carral

Everything about this turntable is first class. Tonearm, motor, contols, operation and most importantly sound reproduction are all way beyond your average table. Dont want the secret to get out but with a good cartridge, this turntable can truly perform with the big boys, and represents an exceptional value if you can find one in good condition.

10/10 by mfsibbald

shhhhhh, don't tell anyone about this table

9/10 by Meeker

My first turntable. Acquired without Bias weight (suspended on the line), tell me the weight of the sinker.

6/10 by steyn

9/10 by cmfast

If you see one of these for cheap, grab it without hesitation! Much better than it has a right to be! The SME knock-off arm is a good implementation of a simple knife-edge bearing design and an all-around good performer. The drive system is admirably stable and quiet. For a mid-70's, mid-fi deck this Sansui does everything right. Took a point off for the ugly grey veneer. The 626 is the same deck, but in a wood veneer.

10/10 by chanki88

After using this turntable for years, I must say it is one of the best turntable in the market. The tonearm is so nice and sensitive and sound same as my SME 3009 II improved on my Basis turntable which cost much much more.
Great Job !! Sansui did made a budget turntable with Hi End perform.

10/10 by VLAD ST

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