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Sansui SR-4050 Reviews

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Sansui SR-4050

Sansui SR-4050

10/10 by antoniojv

Very nice and heavy turntable, quiet motor, sound is superb. Highly recommended.

10/10 by ByronE

Substantial table from the early 1970s. 25 pounds, belt drive, Sansui SN-34 cartridge, wood plinth plus sub-base, substantial metal platter, etc. A very nice sound from this vintage Sansui, their top of the line turntable at the time. Comparable to the best of the era. Highly recommended.

10/10 by wayneg

Nice heavy piece, quiet motor and verry smooth arm , with the denon dl110 the sound is superb even on less than perfect albums , I would recommend it highly

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