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Sansui SR-222 Reviews

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Sansui SR-222

Sansui SR-222

10/10 by RobertChampion

When I first bought my SR-222, I installed a Shure Shure M97XE and was please with the performance. Then audiophilist took hold and I performed the following upgrades:

Connex Litz Pure 5N Silver Headshell Leads, Cardas 4 x 33 awg Tonearm wire (Litz/Constant Q ) with braided shield, CONNEX WBT Style RCA Female Jacks, 1877Phono Grounding Post, Gold Plate, Belden 19364 shielded power cable, Vibrapod Model 1 mount feet.

That made a significant improvement.

Then I upgraded to a MC cartridge: the Denon DL-103R--an updated version of Denon's venerable 103 model, introduced for the Japanese broadcast market in the early 1960s. The -R version features much finer precision wound coils which are made from 6N ultra high purity (99.9999%) copper.

Now it sounds amazing!

8/10 by mkmagna

I've just finished restoring a MK II and it now sports a nice covering of variegated ash wood veneer. It looks very classy and modern considering it's from the 1970s. However with an identical cartridge to a Thorens TD160 I use at the moment it does lack depth and bass in comparison. I do like it though and for what will sell for less than half the price of the restored TD160 I think it's a little gem.

9/10 by Tina Murdoch

These turntables are extremely well built and look more expensive than they were back in 78. They sound a lot more than just a cheap turntable. I've currently got an audio technica AT120 fitted in my SR 222 MK 2 going into a cambridge audio CP2 phono preamp then rotel pre and power amps then into a pair of ditton 66's sounds really good. I've had many turntables in the past including pioneer, pro-ject, technics, garrard etc. The pro-ject debut was the worst table of all i think. Put a good cartridge £90 & up and a new mat & drive belt & this sansui table will please (Highly Recommended)

10/10 by bobhope

Purchased a Sansui SR222 MkII for £60 brand new years ago.. I have had dozens of turntable in my time.
Sony, Sharp, Technics 1210, Rega Planer 3, RR6, Thorens TD160 , Linn Sondek with various arms.
So all in all, I have heard a few! The Sansui SR222 MkII is a gem, used with the right cartridge this simple budget player brings a great musical sound from vinyl. I have just dug it out of my parents loft, refurbished it with new oil and cartridge, and I like it so much the next job will be to strip it down and give it a 3M vinyl wrap, just got to pick a colour!

9/10 by da-vinci

I bought a MkV SR-222 in 1984 and use it with a Nagaoka cartridge and MP11 boron cartridge. So that is 32 years of use! I have it set on a low playing weight and am on the second cartridge.
I have to say this is a fine product for it's price, it has never failed and sounds great. I compared with some more expensive decks when I was choosing and could not spot a difference (different shops and setups though) and today I think it sounds great with my ArCam alpha amp and Mordaunt Short speakers.
It is not often you can purchase stuff like this and it just works for years and continues giving pleasure. It also looks good and modern with its gloss-black finish and lid (slightly yellowed now with age). Also I am convinced it sounds better than CDs!

9/10 by budulinek

Sansui SR 222 MK V
In 1986 classified with Thorens TD 320 MKII,TD 160MKV,TD 2001 Denon DP 59 L,JVC QL Y 66F, Kenwood KD 990, KD 7010 and SONY PSX 555 ES in the top class of stereoplay this turntable was our companion for approximately 6 years. It is very good looking in piano lacquer finish. In the magazine it has been tested with an Van den Hul DDT, we used a Shure V 15 VMR and the sound was great.We changed the Turntable just because we wanted to have one with 78 rpm.

9/10 by jumbohut

This is a surprizingly good performer (the Mk1 and MkII versions) which can bring the best out of even the best moving magnet cartridges. However I cannot recommend the later versions as their tonearms are not as good as the originals and don't travel well in the post as a MkIV I bought arrived with the arm off of its horizontal bearings! This exposed the arm's interior and its plastic construction.

The original SR-222 had VTA which was removed for later versions so if you have cartridges which differ greatly in height from the norm go for this one.

8/10 by totalcomfort

Overall great for the money.I got mine second hand cheap in like new shape. Just getting back into vinyl,and am very pleased with it so far.Did have to replace the belt as it was rotted from setting so long.

8/10 by ishmaelk

A great deck. I bought it second hand, the MK IV model, and with a Shure M95ED or an ELAC ESG 795 cartridge, it sounds great.
The piano black gloss is surprisingly gorgeous, the plinth is very solid and I have never felt any motor hum even after 8 hours playing music non stop.

8/10 by chanki88

Generally good, easy operation, good sound however when compare with his brother SR 525 the tonearm is less sensitive due to bearing design. And of cause you will not notice unless your are using the very fine cartridge.

8/10 by fmbottoni

Cheap but with a great sound!
my first turntable.
I have bought it on 1982 but it's still perfectly working

8/10 by kibblebob

A well built and simple manual turntable. Sounds very clean and neutral, one of my better buys.

9/10 by Tim70_99

Trying to be objective about a cheap second hand 1970's turntable can be rather difficult, particularly given the advances over the last 35 odd years. Yes my Xerxes 10 is superior, and so it should be, but combined with an M75ED, Sansui 331 & Ditton 15XR's in my 1970's system, it sounds pretty good to me. Wish I could have afforded one back in the day instead of the abysmal Amstrad TP12D that I bought, now that was a load of old rubbish!

3/10 by Knister

Hum noises, at least fitted with a Grado. very bad tonearm lift. All in all, there's a cheap feel to it .

7/10 by kristy

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