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Sansui SR-212 Reviews

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Sansui SR-212

Sansui SR-212

9/10 by hughray

This is just a sweet, simple turntable. I still have my original SR-212. I’ve had it serviced and mounted a new Ortofon Super OM10. It’s important to get a good quality belt when replacing. Mine operates perfectly and sounds fantastic. The one week point is that the bottom of the unit is attached without screws. The feet will eventually dry rot and this makes replacement a bit more difficult.

9/10 by mfktrainguy

Cleaned up my SR-212 purchased in September of 1975 after 15 plus years of non-use,slipped on a new belt and mounted a new Audio Technica AT-95 in a new AT shell and the sound/response is excellent but my ears are almost 63 years old! now if my original Sansui amp still worked...

10/10 by czmer1

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