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Sansui SR-2050 Reviews

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Sansui SR-2050

Sansui SR-2050

8/10 by mike369

The 2050c is my everyday turntable. Its solid and very heavy. some key things to know before you buy one. 1) The table top supports have foam inside the coils and the foam is probably dry rotted and hard. not effective for vibration isolating. 2) the entire top is free mounted and may sag after awhile causeing the belt to be missaligned and the tone arm auto shut off to not work without adjustment. download the service manual. .. I was lucky this was stored where it didnt get beat up, burned up, or dusted up, or wet. the motor took a few drops of oil and the spindal also was tight. but after cleaning the spindal bearing g and adjusting the belt guide its been a great table. you cant beat a synchronus motor for simplicity. it just turns the same speed, no adjustment necessary. only 8 out of 10 because this are getting old and the soft parts may be rotted and require disassembling the table and or a few adjustments to get it just right.

10/10 by Westandgrey

Sleeper table. My every day turntable. Easily upgradeable...incredible value compared to similar era Marantz, Pioneer, etc. turntables selling at a premium right now. Tangible, beautiful and soulful. I love the solid, heavy walnut plinth. The automanual is pretty cool. It's such a personal thing with so many variables...but the Sansui just makes me happy.

10/10 by musicmn

I really like this turntable very easy to use, holds speed excellent and i can run just about any cartridge i like with no problems. I'm currently using a Shure V15 type 2 on this turntable and it plays great. I have many different turntables in my collection including a very nice Dual 1229Q but i always seem to return to this table after awhile. I did a complete restoration on this turntable about a year ago and i think it's a keeper.

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