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Sansui P-L51 Reviews

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Sansui P-L51

Sansui P-L51

6/10 by forbiddenapple

Bought new in '82, this Plastic Fantasiic tt has been a reliable unit, Certainly not high end, however still produces adequate sound. The programmable playback is desirable at times, at the same time cartridge restrictions put a damper on any upgrades. So in essence it receives a 6 on my scale

7/10 by Greenienet

Currently used in my bedroom setup this is one of those all singing/dancing tables I lusted over when a callow youth. I've had it now for about a year, the table being 28yrs old. It has full track selection, seems pretty robust and is not confused by picture discs in the same way as other programmables can be. It's just a shame Sansui did not make it a T4P as the linear arm/Sansui cart can only be fitted with a conical stylus. Bearing this restriction in mind however it provides decent enough reproduction of music, still preferable to most CDs in my view. Pros = great fun (programmable track selection which works), that nice blue Sansui glow from the controls. Cons = Sansui cart/stylus can't be upgraded, if anything were to go wrong I can't see you fixing it (complex).

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