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Sansui P-D10 Reviews

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Sansui P-D10

Sansui P-D10

9/10 by manofwillowdale

I purchased a Sansui P-D10 Direct Drive from ebay about 1 1/2 ago, added a new audio-technica AT92ECD cartridge and for a 40 year old turntable paired with my Sansui G4700 receiver(I purchased new back around 1978)and couple reconditioned EPI Magnus speakers it sounds Great !!... The digital music **doesn't hold a candle** to the sound of an old turntable and a Vinyl LP...

8/10 by RickyCafe

I have had this turntable for years - at least since 1983 and it has provided consistently great service. Location of the turntable does need to be carefully considered as could be susceptible to feedback. The original cartridge supplied did pick up some hum but this was totally eliminated by the Audio Technica AT110E which I have used ever since.

7/10 by Greenienet

This was my first modern Hi Fi turntable in 1984. Brought up on a succession of abused Garrards and BSR decks it sounded great. After the addition of a MP11 cart it punched way above what it should've and provided years of reliable service. Pros = decent for a plastic 80s table, simple to use, reliable, nice blue glow from the controls. Cons = could be prone to feedback if carelessly sited, man dancing to 80s music made it jump!

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