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Sansui P-50 Reviews

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Sansui P-50

Sansui P-50

8/10 by kesh

I like the P50. First impression is just another late 70s silver/grey plastic box similar to countless other low to mid-range models by Pioneer, Technics, Sony and the like, but it performs rather better than most IMHO. I'd put it down to the tonearm, which has a very well-engineered look about it and happily tracks cartridges down to 1.0g. It has a particular virtue of getting the best out of budget cartridges : expensive cartridges sound as they should, but budget models sound better than expected. The P50 also seems to sell at a fraction of the price of better-known models, great value.

I had to replace the suppressor capacitor over the motor switch to get rid of an alarmingly loud thump through the speakers when it turned on and off. I don't know whether this is a common problem with the P50, but as the cap is the only component on the little PCB it's an easy enough job even for an electronumpty like me! Otherwise it's a basic, no-frills turntable which means there's not much to go wrong.

9/10 by Steve od

I Bought this turntable as I always heard that Sansui make great turntables.
I realised this deck is old and may need some maintenance and I was right but it didn’t need much.
I replaced the belt and I had a problem with the plastic
tone arm lift it was loose on the shaft someone had over tightened the grub screw and the plastic had cracked, I repaired this neatly with extra strong aradite and left it 24 hours to set well, I replaced the screw
and fitted the arm tightened it job done.
That workings of the table are all in good shape inside and all ran smoothly. The Stylus was an original Sansui and needed replacing, of which I did, and it sounded ok. However I changed the head shell and cartridge, I like SME style headshells, I started with a Shure M75 ed type 2, still sounded undynamic, tried a Rega Carbon very quiet? Tried an Audio Technica AT95e slightly better, then I remembered I had an old Goldring G800, I fitted a genuine old stock stylus set the tracking weight with scales to 2.3 gms, the whole system came to life I had to turn the volume down quick as it was really loud.
Thanks to the Goldring this deck now sounds great I put it through a Rotel RA820 Amp and just for measure a Behringer PP400 and it was just as good, it could be that the deck and cartridge match each other in this case, but I am now loving the sound of this deck and I have not played records so consistently for a long time thanks Sansui and Goldring for brilliant old equipment who’s is really sounding great it’s better than many modern decks I have tried.
Loving vinyl all over again and I intend to keep to this system and stay solvent.

8/10 by glowindarkman

Runs nice and smooth, counter-weight and anti-skate seem to work good, seems to work pretty good to me. Can't tell you anything about flutter or rumble.

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