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Sansui FR-D3 Reviews

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Sansui FR-D3

Sansui FR-D3

9/10 by bobby58

I was given one of these players. The only problem was the pitch control. A quick spray of cleaner/lubricant in the control pot was all it needed. Unless you have golden ears(real or imagined)you will find this turntable does it's job extremely well. The body is fine the way it is. No discernable rumble or resonance noise. From the factory they actually did dampen the body in the critical areas anyway. Anything more(in my humble opinion)is not worth the effort. Trust me it is extremely quiet as it is. This turntable (with a decent cartridge) easily bests a lot of newer more expensive turntables. I fitted it with an older M-75 Shure cartridge and stylus. I can play my music loud through my large speakers with lots of bass and there is no feedback and I have had turntables that are very susceptible to feedback. Not this one.

9/10 by fhendrikx

I picked up one of these for cheap. It had travelled all the way from the US to New Zealand with its former owner. Luckily the power supply is dual voltage, so didn't have any problems. All the functions working fine after a good clean. The biggest issue was the speed adjustment pot wasn't really working, however after some cleaning it now adjusts speed nicely. The speed is very table when playing LPs. The anti-skating knob (bias on this table) needs to be set to something between 2 and 3 in order to get the tonearm to track nicely at the start. Other than that it's a great table, and sounds very good with a Shure M97xE. I'd certainly recommend this table if you can find one.

5/10 by mfsibbald

I completely agree with Fritz, as a stock player its tone arm and motor are great, however the hollow space inside needs a good stuffing. Alternativly you need it on a shelf away form all vibration. Once isolated the FRD3 is a very nice table. if you can grab one for under 80 thats functional go for it.

8/10 by fritz411

I picked up one of these on the cheap. All of the auto functions were completely fried. Even the Stop button was totally useless. So I ripped out all the auto stuff, and replaced the stop button with a power switch, added 10 .lbs of modelling clay to fill up the empty spaces, and what I'm left with is an UNBELIEVABLY GREAT sounding manual turntable! So much so, that it is now my everyday player. If you have a chance to get one of these, GO FOR IT!!

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