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Sansui FR-4060 Reviews

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Sansui FR-4060

Sansui FR-4060

10/10 by Qmvp20

Fantastic deck, dead quiet operation, properly setup plays records beautifully, never had any problem in last 15 years and I use it daily.

10/10 by cmarti

Great sounding turntables, all functions work as designed and it mutes the cartridge when the tonearm is moving. use 53mm Sansui shortcut for overhang, much easier than measuring 15mm from the spindle to the tip of the stylus.

7/10 by madog99

A nice OLD table that sounds pretty good . I like it better than my stock Thorens TD160 for sound actually. But very complex workings and they are 40 years old so stuff will fail .

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