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Rotel RP850 Reviews

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Rotel RP850

Rotel RP850

9/10 by fremitus

Simple elegant deck, most don't realize that it's basically a Rega 2 with a Jelco 250 tonearm which would cost you SOOO much more than finding one of these used. Back to basics, I do wish there was an adjustment for the speed as mine is now clocking in just shy of 33.3'. Maybe I can find a slightly tighter belt and hope, but for a lot of my jazz platters this is just a rock solid performer.

I had a Grado on there, but when it began to give out I went cheap with a Ortofon Omega and it's perfectly acceptable overall. I fully admit I need a better cart on here when $ permits...

9/10 by tablemart

I recently acquired one of these in extremely good condition and fitted a Shure M75EJ Type 2 cartridge with orginal Shure stylus to the arm with relative ease. I was greatly impressed by the sound quality: a real foot-tapping and dynamic delivery with lots of clarity and detail. I also have a Thorens TD150 2 and, using the same cartridge, bass on the latter is deeper and the overall sound is more enjoyable (at least to my ears) but this Rotel deck is an excellent machine which just sticks to doing the basics well. It is also built like a tank and weighs almost 11 kg - put it on a decent support and there is no hint of feedback or bass blooming. This unit has the additional bonus of having a removeable arm, so it could be upgraded (although the arm is actually a Rotel-badged Jelco 250 ST, for which a good example will cost about £150.00 alone!). A belter (literally and metaphorically!) IMHO.

9/10 by mwinwood97049

a well reviewed deck in its day, think it cost £199 detailed and warm sound very well made nice and heavy, still using mine many years on.

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