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Rotel RP3000 Reviews

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Rotel RP3000

Rotel RP3000

9/10 by Ironbark7

I have one of these turntables fitted with an SME 3009 s2 improved tonearm. Amongst the 5 tables I currently own it is my favourite. Although not quartz locked it maintains a constant speed and there is no drift on our 240 volt supply.

I've tried a few different cartridges and have had the most success with a Nagaoka MP500. This is largely down to the dynamics of my particular tonearm.

The table is good looking and practical. This year I'll be sending the tonearm out for a service and rewire and when it gets back I'll put a Grado Reference Master 1 in it. This should match up almost perfectly.

For my tastes you would probably be spending five times the value of a good used example of the rp3000 to get a better performer and many of these other high-priced options are very unattractive.

8/10 by scubaguy10

I have had a Rotel RP3000 since August 1977, going into my senior year of college. It has been in service virtually every day for the last 39 years, with essentially no problems. The tonearm is usually referred to as an SME copy, and tracks extremely well. I've used various AT and Shure cartridges over the years. An Ortofon 3M Red did not seem to be a very good match, for some reason. Currently, I'm running a generic Goldring Electra (yes, the infamous Red Ed) and it sounds great.

My experience with this table is that it's beautiful, reliable and sounds great. I also have a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon with a 3M Red, and the sound is comparable. The one disadvantage of this Rotel is that the motor is not quartz locked, so the speed can drift sometimes. The pots on the speed controls can get dirty, which will cause the platter to run away. Keep them clean, and I've had no further problems. They usually go for cheap, and the tonearm itself is usually worth more than the asking price. Overall, highly recommended.

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