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Rotel RP1000 Reviews

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Rotel RP1000

Rotel RP1000

8/10 by super g

I have had this TT since i purchased it second hand for $50 Aus in 1995. It is a really good TT (by CEC in the late 60's or so). I have been on some forums and there are postings that are critical or totally trash this TT. I completely disagree. I have found it to be ever reliable, quiet, easy to work on and generally a simple but great robust design. You can easily upgrade the cart but the standard one is ok. I have found the capacitor to blow causing poping when the tonearm is moved from the rest and switches the TT on. It is a simple fix of soldering a new one ($2 for the part). This is likely to be caused by my power supply anyway. I love the suspended platter the simple S shaped tonearm ajustments and spare headshell storage slots. It is a honest simple TT and well worth having.

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