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Rega Planar 3 Reviews

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Rega Planar 3

Rega Planar 3

10/10 by umi


My audio system was set up expressly according to my tastes (voice, jazz, classic) and even if I meet 'limits' in certain auditions (bigband, rock and others ...), I am still really satisfied even after 30 years of listening. In fact, to date I have not found better for the investment or value for money.

Was owner or listen to many runtables (Linn, Thorens TD and more). For me, it's a story of combining the different components and your own taste. Above all, there are very bad combinations.

So, my overall setup:

Rega Planar 3
Grace G-727 - MC : Ortofon Rondo blue / Super Supex

Meridian 101/103 (35w)
Harbeth Loudspeaker MKII

8/10 by jerrysmith1234

This is for the 2019 Planar 3. It sounds great, better than my previous Project Carbon DC and better than my old Thorens TD160 MKII. Better made than Project, but it is a bit expensive. Arm is the best part, RB330 is brilliant. Not sure if the glass platter is good or bad. I had an acrylic platter on my Project and I think acrylic might be better on the Rega. The standard Rega mat is horrible so I replaced that. The motor needs to be shielded with mu-metal, it hums. Most MC cartridges will pick up the motor hum on the last tracks, not loud and can only hear it in quiet passages. I have a couple of MC cartridges and a Grado. The Grado picks up most hum but with Denon-110 and AT OC30 hum is audible on high volume. Overall very good but maybe overpriced. A turntable with an off-board motor might be better. Rega needs to improve the motor shielding and maybe consider some other platter material, not sure about glass! Also standard mat is cheap and a horrible dust magnet.

5/10 by Dinger1000

Hi. Sorry to dampen the excitement for Rega but I have had my rega for 2 years now and disappointing is the only word for it. I had a Planar 3 in the nineties and loved it but sold it when records went out of fashion. So I asked for a new one for my birthday 2 years ago. I have been using a Goldring gr1.2 and expected an improvement. It is more detailed and rumble is lower but pitch stability is woeful. I returned my first table because of motor noise and am now on my second. Both have a tired slow delivery with a weary sound.
Then there is the Elys 2 it came fitted with. Why does nobody else report that this cartridge picks up hum from the motor, getting worse as you near the run out grooves. So I dug out my trusty Goldring 1040 and no hum! BUT you need an arm spacer. Got the genuine Rega spacer and now I cannot close the lid without fouling the balance weight. If the arm rest were higher then the fouling would not happen. I have made a fix using blutack on the arm rest to make the arm horizontal.
Rega were no help when I rang them. Said these were all designed in. Why would I want to use any other cartridge they said. Because yours picks up hum Rega!
In all the glowing reviews of the new Planar 3 I thought it's shortcomings should be published hoping Rega may sort things out.

9/10 by JohnnyNapalm

Had my P3 since the late eighties. Upgraded the Cartridge recently and, oh boy, what a difference. It keeps on going and does everything well. What more do you need at this price point. Recommended.

5/10 by bthorb-1

Hi, found my old planar 3 1989 in the basement and need to refurbish with two new rubber belt both for hang off of the motor and the larger one for the turn table. Where do I buy? Any net references please!

5/10 by jnom0

Have mine since mid 80s origin live rewire and structural mods, rega ac motor upgrade,sound great to me i use it with project phono box 2.linn classik and wharfedale diamond 8.1 speakers,only other t/t I have been tempted by was a linn sondek I won't be changing it now

9/10 by jeffco

Just joined the forum today! Mine was bought 30 years ago for £140 (used) and I used it in a low cost Denon system, then a Naim based system (entry level) but now it has more revealing Teddy Pardo amplification, I began to tweak as I could not afford to upgrade. Tweaking is a bit of cash at a time, so to my surprise it amounts to £600! 24v motor conversion (9/10), acrylic platter, used without mat (6/10), Dynavector 10x5 (10/10), Metal sub-platter from Argentina (4/10), Origin counterbalance (5/10), Edwards little belter (10/10). Home made suspension: inner tube, 25mm ball bearings and concave cupboard door knobs: (8/10), new home made ply plinth: 7/10. Always a delight, (well, not always) but now a truly great sound.
I am still finding improvements. I bought Led Zep 2 the day it came out, and last night the sound amazed me. Tonearm Rewire next, and maybe a bamboo plinth? Or balsa / ply?

9/10 by ernestsmith11

Have only just bought the Rega Planar 3 from a HiFi mate of mine who runs his own HiFi business. Very good sound even with the Goldring Elektra cartridge & Stylus, which he tells me should be upgraded. Excellent

7/10 by dbmtb

Giving this a lower review than many others - but bear in mind this review is for the original version with R100 tonearm and cartridge.

These are easy to upgrade and work on. Sound is good - but I've moved on to better things and my take on Rega is that there are too many users out there who just throw money at them to make them sound better, instead of buying something that sounded better out of the box.

I've not given up on my Rega - it still sounds good. But you can buy a turntable for a lot less that will outperform it.

10/10 by Wuss

Had mine for over 30 years wouldn't ever dream of changing it :D

10/10 by gavin mcknight

9/10 by sfedroid

Elegant simplicity, purposeful minimalism.

Rega's ethos was always to make things as simple as possible and justify the (very reasonable) asking price with the sheer quality and reliability of the build, not with arcane materials or concepts.

Bought mine well over twenty years ago, it gave many happy years of listening (even after close encounters with fighting cats), and due to circumstances (house move done in very distinct chunks due to distance and a sea in the way) I had to leave it in storage for a few years. Now retrieved from storage, I plugged it in, pressed the switch and everything still worked just like new. Maybe not surprising as there's so little to go wrong, but hugely gratifying nonetheless. A little tweaking of the arm and cartridge which was rather out of alignment, and tracking bias/weight, and it still sounds as good as it always did.

I can't make any great claims to have magic ears or offer any valid comparisons to other TTs as the only one I owned before this was an ancient Garrard SP25, but I can say that the Planar 3 - along with my beloved Epos ES11s - is at the heart of a minimal, no-fuss and incredibly reliable setup that has always, simply, played music the way I like to hear it. Warm and detailed, maybe not the last word in clinical accuracy but who cares about that? Rock music rocks, acoustic music sparkles, calming music soothes.

A good motor and bearing, great arm, good cartridge, what else is needed?

9/10 by bbr620

great turntable. just serviced mine and it sounds as good as ever. RB300 arm is a fantastic sounding arm.

9/10 by jivers

bought mine in 1985 using it mostly every day since that, still working perfect no problems at all. changed the pickup and needle a couple of times, but thats normal

10/10 by wilus54

9/10 by yeoldestereo

Not much more can be said of this venerable performer. It has been an icon of analog playback since day one, when it was equipped with the Lustre arm. For about 20 years Rega has had their own tone arm. Mostly used with the 3 has been the RB 300 tone arm. Another icon performer that has withstood the test of time.

Simple design with way above average parts and a rock solid build quality are the hallmarks of the Rega Planar 3 with RB 300 tonearm. Few have done it better and even less are in business today such as Revolver.

Found this piece in a high end store that carries a vast prior owned inventory. Came with the Sumiko BP MC cartridge. Most of the staff here are into vinyl in a big way. Was totally gone through and set up to specifications.

Once home placed it into the Forte system. Used the Sumiko Fluxbuster FB-1 to demagnetize the Blue Point. Had to reset the gain on the Forte pre amp for high output MC and loaded the Sumiko to 100 ohms. Leveled out the turntable with a circular level.

In years gone by have had several of the Sumiko Blue Points, so I knew what to expect there. If this becomes a keeper it will get a Dynavector. This Rega Planar 3 is bone stock without any mods whatsoever. Now to the music.

There were a few caveats. Such as fixed power cord,fixed tone arm leads,the RCA jacks are quite pedestrian for a table of this caliber.

This table may very well become a keeper. There are just tons of mods for the model 3. Know I will have to get a VTA adjuster in order to use a Dynavector cartridge.

Okay all you Rega tweakers out there. Let's have your input on the mods. Which are snake oil and which are substance, biggest bang for the buck mod,and so on.

Make no mistake the Rega Planar 3 with RB 300 arm is an Icon in its own right. Has withstood the test of time and continues to do so this day.Here is one high end product that came out in 1974 and continues to impress to this day. Damn few products can lay claim to that statement.

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