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Rega P3 Reviews

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Rega P3

Rega P3

2/10 by Noj2015

Plays too fast, massive pop when switching it off, no VTA adjustment, no clutch on the motor so platter starting causes the motor to nearly jump out of the plinth, costs too much. :-)

6/10 by Dinger1000

I have had my Rega P3 for two years now having had a 1990s Planar 3 in the 1990s and we have a Goldring G1.1 as our second turntable (this is essentially a Rega RP1). Having been delighted with the previous 2 turntables I am really disappointed with the new one. It sounds a bit edgy to us and we have 2 major operational problems:

1. The platter is a loose fit on the hub allowing about 2mm of sideways movement. After changing speed it is essential to carefully centre the platter or wow is terrible. I have applied a thin layer of Copydex to the inner hub and allowed it to dry to make this easier. The glue acts as a thin O ring, it does not hold the platter in place!
2. To use a non Rega cartridge you are likely to need a spacer. I have fitted a Goldring G1042 (SUPERB cartridge) and also fitted the Rega supplied 2mm spacer. Once a spacer is fitted the arm's counterbalance weight fouls the lid so the lid cannot be closed unless the arm is left off its rest.

For a turntable costing over £500 this is unacceptable and these problems did not afflict earlier Regas. When I rang Rega they were extremely arrogant and said I should have known about these issues. The supplying dealer did not know about them.

Very disappointing. It has been suggested that I buy a slimmer counterweight. I have spent enough.

9/10 by Johnny2Bad

A correction of sorts; the Review posted here by megranat1958 is probably a Review of the REGA Planar3 turntable (late 1970's~early 1980's) not the REGA P3 turntable (mid 2000's). The Review by yeoldestereo correctly refers to the REGA P3. My star rating for this non-review is the same as that given by both reviewers (9/10) so as not to skew the star ratings (much).

9/10 by megranat1958

A superb turntable, one of which I had in the late 1980s, fitted with a massive Dynavector DV-505 totally manual tonearm (too big to fit the Rega dust cover) and an Ortofon SPU Gold moving coil cartridge / elliptical stylus tracking at 5 grammes. Back then, it was considered the hi-fi enthusiasts turntable for those who couldn't afford a Linn Sondek LP12 and it was pretty much in the same league, except perhaps even more elegant in engineering and visual terms. Price-performance wise, the Rega Planar 3 was a stunner and set the standard that so many of stylish modern mid priced turntables (such as the Project) still try to emulate. As far as I am aware, the 3's thick tempered glass platter was unique at the time. Of course it required a thick felt mat atop that platter unless you wanted to serve crackers and cheese off of it at 33 and a third (just kidding) and, I suggest placing a Nagaoka combination LP weight and stylus brush on the central spindle, especially if any of your LPs are not quite as flat as they should be. That aside, a fine, audiophile turntable, beautifully crafted and made to last. Pretty much totally neutral, set up properly and level, it makes the most of your favourite tonearm and cartridge combination. If you think you can do much better, you either have very deep pockets or are kidding yourself. British turntable engineering at its finest.

9/10 by yeoldestereo

Straight out of the box the Rega P3 is a great table and at its price/performnce ratio there is little in the market place that can touch it. In recent years the RB 300 tone arm has become somewhat of an icon in its own right,with many high end tables employing this arm or a derivative of the RB 300 in higher priced turntables.

However there is on the market today several counter weights for the RB 300. I have used the Clear Audio offset counter weight with excellent results and this has moved the overall sonics of the RB 300 to loftier performance levels and has improved tracking to another level.

Although this time sought to use the J.A. Michell counter weight, which is the new buzz in Rega counter weights today. This is a well thought out design and the machining is top class all the way. This is a four piece system, which consists of new end stub,slider,2 counter weights and adjuster for stylus pressure. One counter weight for 3 to 6 grams the other counter weight for 6 to 13 grams, so virtually any modern phono cartridge is usable with the RB 300 arm. It does take a little more finesse to get this counter weight right than with the other two menetioned,but once properly set up, brings the overall sonics of the RB 300 several levels up from the other contenders. Vinyl Engine on the net has covered this counter weight and while I thought their claims were somewhat over embellished, I now have to admit that for the most part their analysis of the Michell Rega Counter Weight was right on. One just has to hear the RB 300 arm with this counter weight. It is a major leaque improvement of the stock Rega Counter Weight and Clear Audio Rega counter weights. The Michell is far more precise in its overall execution and allows the RB 300 arm to far excell its performance bar. I highly recommend this J.A. Michell Counter Weight for the Rega RB 300 tone arm. A very worthwhile upgrade, that far belies its modest cost.

Next upgrade was the Rega sub platter, to the Deep Groove sub platter with ruby ball bearing. Not a lot has been written about this. However the stock sub platter on the P 3 is slighly off speed on the fast side and the general trick has been to add to electrical tape to the perimeter of the stock sub platter to get spot on speed. However the sub platter does not have much weight to it and is made of some plastic fiber material. Therefore the flywheel effect if any is quite minimal and the start time to speed is about 2 1/2 to 3 revolutions to 33.3 rpm.

The Deep Groove sub platter for the Rega P 3 solves a multitude of those inherent problems with the stock sub platter. The Deep Groove sub platter is precisioned machined from aluminium stock and is ever so slightly larger to avoid speed problems. The ruby ball bearing along with its lubricant allows the platter to reach full rotational speed in one revolution and appears to put less stress on the belt and motor pulley assembly and due to its slightly heavier weight adds the much needed flywheel effect to the P 3. This is a very easy install and can be
handled by anyone with basic turntable skills. The directions are clear concise and step by step and with 20 minutes at most the job is done. Using the VPI strobe disc confirm the one revolution to speed and was rock steady at 33.3 rpm. A great upgrade that is more than offset by the price and brings up the level of the P 3. I do recommend this upgrade as the Rega greatly benefits from the lower noise floor,flywheel effect and the reduced stress on the motor,belt and pulley.

The platter on the Rega P3 and other Regas has been the glass platter with felt mat. Although it was considered a revolution in its day, time and technology has pushed forward and the word today is acrylic platters. the one used here is the Iron Audio pure acrylic platter as replacement for the glass platter. This is a very nicely machined acrylic platter with frosted top and polished clear side. It is well balanced,flat without visible warpage and fits precisely of the Rega and Deep Groove sub platter. It is somewhat thicker than the glass platter and is slightly recessed underneath so that the stock height is retained. Nice side benefit to this is that the sub platter becomes less visible with the recess. The Iron Audio Acrylic Platter makes a tremendous difference in the sonics of the Rega. Sound stage is vastly opened,depth front to back is seamless and well defined and detail one thought that was not there, comes to life. This is one of the most dramatic upgrades with immediate benefits I can think of. Can be used with the stock Rega Felt Mat, or in this case the Herbie turntable mat.

These upgrades are more than cost effective,greatly enchance the overall performance of the venerable P3 to loftier heights and if your really into analog, these are a must have for the Rega Planar 3 or P3.

So if you have been looking at some of the higher priced tables, but budget dictates else, here is a solution that delivers perfomance one can get easily spolied to and one does not have to make excuses for. One of analogs great turntables with updates that bring it to higher levels of resolution with cost effectiveness a priority.

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