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Rega P1 Reviews

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Rega P1

Rega P1

9/10 by TENRAGS

This review is for the latest P1 (2016) released in July, not the one pictured. The turntable I received had minor quality control faults upon delivery; having had over 50 years experience with all aspects of hi-fi turntables, from Dansette through to Oracle, I decided to correct the faults myself rather than risk time and effort sending the deck back for replacement. When corrected, and with an LP Gear carbon-cantilevered special elliptical stylus replacing the Rega conical version supplied, the deck sounds superb. With azimuth, VTA, tracking force and Stevenson protractor corrections all applied, rhythmic timing and musicality is excellent, with all instruments clearly defined with a 'correct' timbral image in a wide soundstage. I am hearing nuances on my LPs which were previously hidden. Authoritative bass, sparkling treble and well-defined vocals all combine to form a mental image which sounds close to a live performance - I have also been a live music fan for over 50 years. I wouldn't go as far as to say this turntable combination is the best available, but I would suggest it is perhaps the best available for under £300. There is one downside; the gloss black finish of my deck looks smart and purposeful, but seems to attract every speck of dust in the room, not to mention unintentional fingerprints. I should also mention the deck is supported on a 12mm acrylic base suspended by three level-adjustable pinpoint metal cones to sorbothane washers on top of a substantial cabinet, well away from the speakers, and consequently does not suffer from either footfall or feedback. This latest incarnation is well worth an audition with your chosen ancilliaries at your local Rega dealer.

8/10 by nickverlaine

Good in basic form, far better with an Elys2 on the end

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