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Realistic LAB-500 Reviews

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Realistic LAB-500

Realistic LAB-500

10/10 by donpobre

Just got this recently in Very good condition, a decent turntable, nice looking, heavy and built like a tank. For more than 35y/o turntable the speed on both 45 and 33 are accurate.

10/10 by bigscreenbob

I picked up one of these in 2015. Refurbished it, and installed a pricey Jico SAS stylus in the original cartridge.

I'm just a poor mid-fi guy, but plugged into my refurbished Denon PMA-777 and playing through vintage Advents, this TT has a sound that puts a smile on my face, somehow more exciting to my ears than my other TTs -- a Denon DP-47F (w Denon DL-110) and Pioneer PL-707 (with AT-440mla) -- go figure.

I like this sound so much I now have two of these, just in case one breaks down.

10/10 by cmarti

Just acquired this turntable and fitted an old stock Radio Shack headshell part number # 42-2752A that I found at the flea market and installed a Audio-Technica Universal Cartridge AT311EP after doing this I calibrating the tracking force to 1.5 grams and lubed the turntable. Did not bother to add dampening fluid since the cue arm works fine and put on a copy of Grand Funk Closer to Home album and I am blown by how good this turntable sounds... Sounds incredible and all functions are there. I highly recommend this turntable to anyone who wants something solid yet functional while retaining the audiophile qualities of a top end turntable.

8/10 by evilmainer

so far so good, as I just got it and this would be my first go at a real TT and not a plastic model bought at the mall. It is sturdy as a tree and plays sweet for not having been serviced.

10/10 by pete 615

one of my best turntables

10/10 by glennberkusa

This a fantastic turntable, I prefer it over my Technics SL 5200 with a Stanton 681EEE cart.
The Realistic LAB-500 has a really great sound.

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