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Realistic LAB-400 Reviews

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Realistic LAB-400

Realistic LAB-400

10/10 by donpobre

Got this one recently for $100 in very good and working condition and with Shure R47XT cart this turntable produced phenomenal sound, solid built and keep a steady speed.

10/10 by George1955

I love mine - My son destroyed the one i bought new and I found this one from an online marketplace. I wish someone would upload a service manual. On the one I got the platter wobbles - not really set into place. I think the guy I bought it from sent an incorrect platter. otherwise no issues at all.

9/10 by electrajojo

This turntable was not made by CEC. It was designed and made in Realistic's own factories beginning in 1978. Why people continue to come up with these stories (another being the STA-2100 built by Foster)is mind boggling when they had numerous factories building their units in the 70's all owned by Realistic. That's one reason why the quality was so good.

10/10 by zastin17

Any reason why you wouldn't rate this TT 5 stars is beyond me. Perfect in every real world way. Dead silent. Zero audible noise from the motor. Built like a tank, Heavy platter. Cartridges like the Grado which has problems tracking on heavy tonearms seem to track perfectly on this. It's zero compromises in terms of performance. When powered off you can spin the platter with your hand and it will continue spinning for several minutes which shows how good the design is. (no friction) This is essentialy a Marantz 6350 without the hype. The lab 400 looks nicer to me though. For manual cueing, I tend to press start then move the tone arm to the track I want to play before it drops the stylus.

10/10 by jbrender1

Excellent sound and look. Auto Repeat and Auto Stop are nice features. Heavy duty Platter and stobe. I had 2 Marantz 6300's, 1 Technics and 1 Pioneer Turntable and had nothing but problems with them. Even after servicing. Paid way too much for those also. Picked the Lab-400 up from Craigslist, and was happy to finally hook up a vintage turntable up that works flawlessly. I hesitated many times to buy a Realistic but always had my eye on this particular model because it was the only Realistic that looked good with great reviews. Many of their other models are very cheap looking, this one reminds me of a cross between the Marantz 6300 and a Pioneer PL71. Very happy with this decision.

10/10 by richartisticwoods

I have 2 of these and they work fantastic, and they have that stylish wood plinth look even though they are just vinyl covered. I had to make some adjustments for stylus set down distance and the repair manual helped out immensely. The strobe unit works well on these tables. I have always liked Realistic brand equipment from the '70s and these haven't disappointed. They have a nice repeat function on them and it works well. No drawbacks that I can tell. Sounds very good.

10/10 by Nehntek

This is a fantastic table at the price I paid of $150. I found it through my local craigslist. Because it was manufactured in the 70s I figured I'd have to dial it in, maybe repair it. Nope, it's in beautiful working order. I wasn't too keen on Realistic brand (Radio Shack / Tandy) back in the 70s. I am so pleased with the sound coming from this 40 year old turntable.

10/10 by mbetts

Nice Turntable made by CEC which made many other name brand tables like Marantz 6100-6300 tables.
Easy smooth operation and quiet. Sound when set up right is great for the price point.

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