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Pro-ject RPM 1 Reviews

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Pro-ject RPM 1

Pro-ject RPM 1

4/10 by E_m

Bad build quality, design flaws. You have to be a wizz at setting up TTs to get started with this TT, which I wasn't when I bought it ~9 years ago. I did get a good sound out of it eventually, but it's not nice to use. It kind of looks cool, but that novelty soon wares off!

9/10 by RickyCafe

I bought my RPM-1 Carbon in November 2016.

The unit was straightforward to unpack and set up. I was pleased to see that, although the unit is supplied with a fitted cartridge - Ortofon 2M Red - it is also supplied with a proper alignment protractor - which verified that the cartridge was correctly positioned and aligned

The anti skate is the magnetic type with adjustment using a simple calibrated control. I am wondering why another review said that there was no anti-skate - but perhaps it was an earlier model.

I like the no-frills with this turntable. I am happy to buy a device where all the money had gone into the features that I am actually going to use: features such as pitch control and reverse were never going to be used by me, and my amplifier has the proper inbuilt phono equalisation pre-amp so I was happy not to be paying for a fitted pre-amp with the turntable.

The unit is very pleasing aesthetically.

In operation it is necessary to mount the unit on a very solid surface with a high mass. The reason being that, although the motor is isolated structurally from the main part of the turntable, vibration will travel through whatever surfaces they are both mounted on so a high mass base will alleviate this problem. Providing extra isolation for the motor is necessary in my view.

I would prefer that the unit is supplied without a cartridge so that I could have chosen my own. I would have almost certainly gone for something with a higher specification than the 2M Red.

8/10 by kermitz

That has been a very good table for me. It's been reliable and good sounding with the stock Sumiko Pearl Cartridge. I have a number of tables (10) and this one stays in place.

1/10 by SilverFoxStrings

A very disappointing experience to use compared to how it looks. Great aesthetics but performance wise, I wouldn't even buy this second-hand as a beginners turntable. despite the afore mentioned difficulties in setting it up, there is no anti-skating mechanism. Very poor for the money.

1/10 by edmemi

I am not very impressed with the Pro-Ject quality or customer support for the RPM 1.3 Genie turntable. I had bought the turntable from a Best Buy Magnolia store and they were completely ignorant of the product, yet customer support with Pro-Ject was virtually non-existant or helpful (they refer you back to the dealer -- how is that for support!). I find the motor lacks the proper amount of torque (even with a new belt) and I find that the damping for placing the needle to the record to be extremely poor -- probably the worst I've experienced with a turntable. I would not buy another Pro-Ject turntable. It was also difficult to set up and adjust properly. Whoever wrote their user manual should be shot. I have some older turntables which were built in the late 70's and early 80's that are so much better. I would have returned the table, but I only paid $100 for it as a clearance item and now use it to transfer some of my LPs to the computer. I dumped that Pearl cartridge and put a Shure on it, which I think sounds much better. Regardless, the Pro-Ject is not the turntable I use for serious listening.

9/10 by kanishka

Simple to use but with options for lot of improvements. Proper isolation, acryl platter and correct cartridge matching will take this table to another level. Couldn't find any better table than Genie in this price range. Absolute glory for anyone wants to have a budget TT.

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