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Pro-ject Debut Reviews

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Pro-ject Debut

Pro-ject Debut


Hello, I own a Pro Ject Debut III since 2007.
I bought it as an upgrade of Technics SLBD22D.
I replaced original stylus OM5 with an upgarde OM10 and there was a slight improvement.
It sounds very good ....BUT.....
The main problem is the annoying hum noise when the needle hits the record. It's always there no matter what.... Thank god I listen to metal music so I cannot hear it during songs, except ballads...
I do not know if the next generation (Carbon) is free of hum.
Well, it's a reliable turntable if you need something that will last for years without operating issues but when it comes to the overall final performance it's obviously quiet good but not the best.... There are tons of vintage turntables without hum issues, that if you are willing to take the risk and then place a good cartridge/needle can perform much better.
Also it's fully manual, something that I find very tiring at the end of the day, especially when you want to switch from 33 to 45 rpm....

8/10 by tlcrf450

I have had my Debut Carbon for about 2 years. I have read reviews where people have complaints about hum and motor noise..I was able to get rid if it by removing the screws and rubber grommets that secured the motor in transit. the instuctions were vague at best..I saw it in an on line forum!!! it got rid of the hum and motor noise. I upgraded the ortofon 2m red to the 2m bronze and it was a significant improvemet in performance.. still low hours on the bronze but it has an incredible improvement in soundstage and clarity.. it does pick up flaws in vinyl though.I was worried the bronze might be overkill for the debut carbon , actual thought about upgrading to a rega plannar 3 but decided to keep the project a while longer..

10/10 by szoze

Debut Carbon Esprit DC is a fantastic turntable at the price. Put a nice cartridge on it and let it sing.

9/10 by Wernerb

Owner of the Debut Carbon with the Ortofon 2M Red. Plays wonderfully and three dimensional. Neutral sounding cartridge. Will probably try the Blue one soon. TT is very quiet. Only a very slight humming is heard when your ears are close to the TT. I installed the Debut Carbon on a firm metal frame attached to the wall. No vibrations whatsoever.
Very pleased and would recommend this TT to everyone who wants a great player for a nice price.
The carbon arm is a real miracle; great stability and no resonance at all. Only to be found in far more expensive TT's.
Next tweak will be an acrylic platter.

5/10 by lm3875

I have the Debut III. With the original OM5 cartridge, It sounds good then until the the last tracks on the record, where it begins to sound distorted. I had an Ortofon 2M Blue installed. This eliminated all the end track distortion and made the turntable sound great, but still one big issue: After about one side of a record, the thing becomes a Van-de-Graff generator. I got a cork mat and this helped slightly. I then grounded the spindle and motor. That helped a little more. It still has an unacceptable level of static build-up. A Pioneer PL-400 is about to permanently take its place...

7/10 by zhoucky

I had a Debut Carbon that I bought as a replacement of Tesla NC500. Mistake. The quality is lower in almost everything excluding the better look of the Debut with it's piano black finnish. The highly regarded carbon tonearm is resonant and you can hear it clearly across the room with amp switched off. The motor is audibly humming and vibrating. The speedbox improved the overall situation slightly but didn't solved the problem entirely. Reading the Debut reviews in the net I'm really wondering is it the same turntable or the reviewers need medical hearing advice... or are well paid... The best I can say about this turntable is that it is almost OK for the price asked. Though there are much better second hand turntables in good condition in the same price range available both on the net or local dealers.

9/10 by aramir

Great sounding tt. The acrylic platter does the job!!

9/10 by Vladislav_

Nice turntable, good sound and it`s very easy to use it. But felt mat is very bad, so you should replace it. I think, it`s 9.5/10 :)

10/10 by Louis-1

Very god tt with ortofon 2 m red !!

10/10 by ovandijk

10/10 by steve-z

Had my Debut Carbon with Ortofon 2M Red cartridge now for 9 months, it has exceeded my expectations,pretty good straight out of the box but has benefitted from a couple of tweaks. The felt mat is flimsy and produced static, replaced with an Origin Live upgrade mat,no more static and a tighter and cleaner sound. Last little tweak to take the \\\\ring\\\\ out of the steel platter, squeezed a bead of Plasticene to the underside rim, reduced the ring by 70-80% and I reckon the extra peripheral weight aids speed stability to, without any noticeable increase in start up time

4/10 by fredysilva

Huge disappointment for me this turntable, too weak, I heard him with Ortofon OM 5, which is not anything special, but I think for me it was the worst turntable I've heard today.
Greetings from Portugal
Fredy Silva

4/10 by Daniel Thomas

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