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Pro-ject 2 Xperience Reviews

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Pro-ject 2 Xperience

8/10 by audiopip

2 Xperience Classic Perspex.
The main issue I have with this turntable is that some of the build quality is piteously poor, for example soldering on the motor control pcb is just terrible, so that puts me off a bit as in its day it was listed at $2000 AUD. That said the 9inch EVO carbon arm looks well constructed if one ignores the crude anti-skate arrangement. With the supplied 2M Blue cartridge and Pro-ject cables the mid and top frequencies were a bit excessive to my ears, and upgrading to the 2M Black and some lower capacity cables brought an improvement in tonal balance, but caused an issue with tracking heavily modulated grooves. Distortion on the right channel was eventually cured by increasing the antiskate force, first by machining a third 'groove' on the anti-skate 'pin' and later by obtaining a 2 grams heavier anti skate weight.
Then the overall performance is pretty good, despite such cost compromises as an MDF platter. Overall the engineering attention to detail is good, the TT bearing has good precision and low noise, the platter is dynamically balanced.
The motor is of course the cheapy 16VAC stepper type, and so suffers the usual vibration, but the drive belt and platter mass do a good job of removing this. An upgrade to a DC motor did not improve the sound quality IMO. I just wish the build quality was a little better, and the anti skate had a wider range and a better engineered implementation. The Perspex construction is wife friendly!

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