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Pioneer PLX-1000 Reviews

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Pioneer PLX-1000

Pioneer PLX-1000

9/10 by bonzoneedle

I managed to pick one of these up second hand (in mint condition) this week for $475.
I'm using an old AT 100e cart while I wait for my new DL110 to arrive. So far, even with a very ordinary cart, I'm impressed with the sound. As is the case with a lot of these, there was play in the bearings. An easy fix with a screwdriver and some patience - now the arm is solid as a rock. This is now my seventh turntable which just replaced my Music Hall 5.1 which I was never really happy with. I'd heartily recommend this table for sound quality, price and ease of use. I'm looking forward to hearing it with the new Denon cart!

10/10 by pschools

I purchased this Deck in December 2018 I was a bit on the fence deciding between this and the Rega p2. Man am i glad i took the leap. Deck is rock solid not some piece of mdf. Like everyone the bearings were loose after shipment. Simple turn with a screwdriver fixed that. The Azimuth on the head shell was a bit off. Loosened the screws on the underside of the arm aligned it and re tightened, Problem solved. I initially use an ortofon om5e cartridge and its sounded great but had the itch and picked up a Nagaoka MP-150 with high hopes. I was not let down, Slapped on Dark Side Of The Moon (Harvest) and it literally brought a tear to my eye. If your on the fence about getting this deck don't be its a winner and it is without a doubt audiophile quality. Future plans are to upgrade the mat to the Soundeck PM black or the funk firm achromat both available in 285mm to fit the lip on the platter and the kab fluid damper. Enjoy your wax.

9/10 by fj2525vl

Great entry level turntable.

10/10 by captslow

I bought this over lots of other options. I was looking for a good decent built entry level turntable that sounded good. I like the build quality, and looks like they spent some time on it. Arm comes with dampening inside, and the deck has a nice brushed black aluminum finish. I like the fact the cover comes right off, as it look nice and clean compared to clunky hinges. Nice things are one can use their own quality cables, and Pre Amp. No goofy preamp onboard. Yes there are other options out there, but Pioneer has done their best to produce a quality item for the price.This is a brilliant direct drive Turntable. Enjoy

8/10 by helomech

I agree with others that this is a great sounding turntable. My PLX had a couple minor issues that required easy repairs. It now operates perfectly. i would say that it's sound quality equals that of my highly modded and improved Thorens TD166, though it has a different type of sound. I don't understand why some others prefer a hinged dust cover. For me, the non-hinged dust cover is a major benefit. Dust covers can degrade sound quality if left on during playback. The table even comes with a high quality pair of RCA cables that could easily pass as high-priced boutique cables.

The table, especially the plinth, is built like a tank and feels of high quality, with the exception of some play in the tonearm bearings. The bearings are easily adjusted with a small screw driver, a little finesse, and patience. For one third the price of a near mint SL-1200, I believe these tables are a great bargain. I took off a couple points for the minor issues.

9/10 by sumnersn

I am impressed, the unit is solid and sound is sweet - what more would you want - maybe a hinged lid, otherwise like others I am happy with the purchase of the Pioneer PLX-1000.

9/10 by francs

Bought this beauty at Guitar center for 699, great buy. I have upgraded from a Teac TN300, very good looking turntable, but with severe limitations. This model has no limitations, fully adjustable, build like a tank. The only downside is that the cover has no hinges, and I have to find a place for the cover every time i use the turntable. Highly recommended . No humming at all, so direct drive tables can be for audiophiles ears.

10/10 by Lymbo90

I've owned VPI, (Scout 1.1) Pro-Jects, (RM 5.1 SE, Debut Carbon DC) Technics (1200MK2, 1600MK2, SL-10, SL-7) and I can say the PLX-1000 is my favorite. Don't let the detractors tell you this is a crappy, Hanpin DJ table. I prefer this over my modified SL-1200MK2.

9/10 by Licoricepizza61

I took one point off because the dust cover has no hinges. That aside, it's a superior table for home listening. The cartridge choices seem endless and no speed or hum issues. Love direct drives. It also weighs a ton and has plenty of dampening, especially on the tonearm. It stops on a dime and starts up just as fast. Don't let the Dj connotations dissuade you from buying it. It is totally manual and has no built in USB or preamp. Big!!

Paid $699 plus tax at Guitar Center. I had to wait a bit because they couldn't keep it in stock.

If you have additional concerns, please PM me and I'll go into more detail.

Peace all

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