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Pioneer PL-X50 Reviews

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Pioneer PL-X50

Pioneer PL-X50

8/10 by ringette

This is a very good and highly underrated table. The previous review whereby the user replaced the excellent MC cartridge with a MM AT95E is somewhat moot. The key to the performance of this table IS the original MC cartridge. This table is easily better than most modern and vintage tables that are/were under $300. With the CORRECT belt and OE cartridge this is a stunner. Speed is dead on with minimal wow and flutter. Tone is very good and blows away old/new Audio Technica, Technics, Duals, pioneers, marantz, sansui MM tables until the mid upper price range.

7/10 by djuli

Bought in 2007 and replace the belt and changing cartridge to AT95E. The sound is fair to me.

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