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Pioneer PL-L800 Reviews

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Pioneer PL-L800

Pioneer PL-L800

10/10 by leonekk

i bought used 3 years ago with an empire200z cartridge i love this one and it was in my dream as a child when at the end of 70s i read all the brochure i can find to choose my first was so different from all other turntables so beautyful...but it cost more than half my total i had to wait 30 years to own it...i have the one i bought at that time too a pioneer pll7 with a grado gold...or shure m95e
and still working well only tuner and turntable survive ampli is dead deck was sold and the loudspeakers live a second life..cabinet AR38 with a vifa wf and a seas tw.
i like the sound of empire and the tracking is perfect only with bad scratched record fail sometime. i listen with a cambridge audio pre ampli and a Yamaha av 657 i can listen 2ch stereo pure direct or in all the combination dts or dolby too and it's fun. amplifier are marantz ma 500 and ma 700. loudspeakers are diy in collaboration with a Gold Note(italian hi end) tecnician, 15 years old project ..i'm an old school fan.
the pll 800 i own sometimes get crazy and the tonearm goes to the end of record without playing, turn off turn on and all perfect till the next time...i don't understand why ... in 3 years it happend 7/8 times, but it has 40 and more years we can understand if sometimes want to do something on his own.
at the end its a beautiful strong and,for my ears, good sounding turntable possibly upgradable with good insonorization. sorry for my english i'm italian. thx Leo

9/10 by Boltonator

This is a very solidly performing turntable. So much so that i have not even considered upgrading the turntable to any other more expensive versions. I have mine outfitted with a top flight cartridge of the time, the Audio Technica AT15S. It is very convenient to use and I often play LPs back to back for hours at a time. I setiously suggest that if you get a good deal on this turntable you should jump.

I have restored my Turntable by recapping the Power Supply and motor. Some ICs are also still available to refresh these TTs.

Mine has a infrequent intermittent fault at start up or restarts where it buzzes under load but a few restarts gets rid of it. I will give some attention to the PLL loop (replace crystal, resistors and caps) to see if this will fix it.

10/10 by lcurtis

I bought my PL-L800 while in the Army in Germany, would you believe that was in 1982. This is the one and only turntable I've personally owned and it has served me for 35 years now. It's gathered dust once and a while, but still works perfectly when ever I want to play an album! My Pioneer amp gave up some 15 years ago, so with a new amp I had to buy a pre-amp to manage the MC cartridge it came with, but the original Pioneer PC-4MC cartridge still plays and sounds perfectly. I'd certainly agree with other members when they say to certainly buy one of these turntables whenever you can, as you couldn't go wrong. Review date: Nov 18, 2017.

10/10 by roycej

Very nice linear tracking turntable. Pioneer's TOTL turntable in '82. I like the space age styling which goes well with my 80's receiver. An underrated TT in my opinion.

A couple of cautions: the headshell and counterweight seem to be unique to this unit. Which means they are virtually impossible to find, so I'd be wary of buying one without a headshell or weight. Also, it will only accept cartridges weighing from 3 to 8 grams. This somewhat restricts choice of cartridge. Good news: prices on these are still quite reasonable in 2017. Highly recommended!

9/10 by Lew220

I must admit I was a bit frustrated with this turntable. I bought a used one for about $100. When I got it home the arm wasn't moving smoothly and was a bit noisy. I downloaded the service manual and did a general cleaning the arm shaft. It now runs great and I honestly have to say it's probably the nicest sounding turntable I have ever had. It's a beauty. I also recommend a full setup and making sure the cartridge weight is set correctly. Tracking is amazing!!

9/10 by figureovemotion

My only gripe is that this machine has a special tonearm that can't just be swapped out with another one. There is a specific groove that restricts this.
However, minor gripe. This is a serious turntable. It's heavy, tracks beautifully and sounds like a dream. If you can find for a reasonable price, get it!

10/10 by joesworldelite

I found this beaut at a smokeshop/record store in town. Having just bought my first record and looking for my first turntable I asked the owner if he had any for sale. He showed me the pl l800, the only table he had and said he'd let it go for $100 bucks. Being naive and seeing a crack in the cover I thought yeah right, I'll get a brand new table for under $70. The shopkeep sensed my hesitation and said he'd let it go for $75. I told him I might come back and headed to best buy to check out their brand new cheaper tables. Luckily I was smart enough to look up info on the pl l800 and came to the conclusion that I was bat-sh*t-crazy not to take him up on his first offer of $100 much less $75. Went back the next day and am now a proud owner.

I should have had him start it up before I bought it because the red rca was inoperable. But after joining this forum and going over the owners manual, I set the counter-weight disconnected the tone-arm, cleaned it and reattached it. All systems functional!

Highly highly recommended Turntable

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