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Pioneer PL-A45D Reviews

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Pioneer PL-A45D

Pioneer PL-A45D

9/10 by roncee1

Excellent in every respect!

6/10 by boboafett

10/10 by kingriek

Been using this table for awhile now, teamed with a Shure M97 series and it is terrific. I've had several dozen turntables in my day, and this one sits right next to my Thorens TD160 and my Dual 1219 as one of my favorites! This one is a real sleeper, as I'm looking online and the prices are surprisingly reasonable! If you can find one, grab it! Quiet operation and a build quality that rivals anything that came before it or since.

8/10 by Yemm66

A classic turntable from the mid 70s. Not the high end specs of some but a very, very nice unit. Simple and reliable with excellent sound and very high build quality. Heavy and confidence inspiring. Mated with a good low compliance cartridge it's
an easy choice in vintage gear.

10/10 by breakerbroke23

Picked one up at a yard sale ($10.00)4-2016 Needed a Belt. Ordered one on EBay ($12) The TT is absolutely mint. The wood veneer is stunning. It came with a AT crtg, It runs like new and is one smooth running and sounding TT. This one is a keeper. Currently running it on a Technics SA 404 through Klipsch KG 4.2s

10/10 by rodbinkc

The bomb !

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