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Pioneer PL-A35 Reviews

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Pioneer PL-A35

Pioneer PL-A35

9/10 by Dudeski62

I found a PL-A35D new in the box with a PC-50 cart 44 years after it was manufactured. I thought about sending in the warranty card. Well the belt was melted so I cleaned and replaced. The spindle was frozen so I cleaned and re-oiled. And last but not least I re-greased the tone arm lifter. I put a LP Gear AT95SA cartridge on a LP Gear HD headshell, Lemon oil on the gorgeous wood plinth and I'm loving the sounds that come from my brand new automatic Pioneer. This TT also came with the tethered remote, remember I have the A35D. I think this table sounds good maybe better than it should and at the moment I'm having a blast with it.

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