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Pioneer PL-A25 Reviews

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Pioneer PL-A25

Pioneer PL-A25

10/10 by Connie-Cashola

I have three of these turntables , one table has a bearing problem in the tonearm , I am distraught but I am going to try and replace the tonearm , the other does not have a removable headshell , bummer , putting a new cartridge on the tonearm is going to be a bear , all three tables work , I love the PLA25 turntables , they are premium and I could not be happier .

9/10 by lemon

Amazing Turntable!!

8/10 by Weberrules

I found one at a local thrift store several years ago. Rescued it for the cost of $7.50. Replaced the belt, cleaned it all up. Dioxit all the connections. Wiped it all down, and cleaned up the wood. I use this table for at least 2 hours per day. I love it. I just wish that it didn't have the special curved headship that is proprietary.

8/10 by jjdeisjr

Bought one of these in 1972. Excellent basic turntable. The wood plinth was beautiful.

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