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Pioneer PL-707 Reviews

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Pioneer PL-707

Pioneer PL-707

10/10 by sanjib_a

I got it fully restored! It is loaded with Jico SAS N97XE stylus in Shure M97XE cartridge. It has a sublime sound. Amazing table if you find one grab it now!!

10/10 by seonghobang5860

With 100$.I am disappointed deeply when I got first glimpse this old gabage .Sound was terrible .Luckily,auto function was normal.I thought to go it away to gabage. Skeptically
Oiling ,contact revitalizer application,and catridge change with Koetsu black .Miracle comes!More delicate sound, better position with koetsu timbre than my sp10mk2 with spu meister silver mk2.P3 DNA

10/10 by Marvinlungwitz

Beautiful automatic turntable. Excellent build and sound quality.

10/10 by Chileanbacker1972

Got my 1 week ago directly from Japan. Her in Chile we use 220v, so I use an adapted Playstation 100v transformer (great).
So, this turntable is just GREAT!!... Speeds are precise in both 33.3 and 45. The sound of this trough my Sony str-v45 is amazing. Clear, soulful. Exelent bass and awesome highs!.... Very balanced. Use it with a Grado Green cartridge. This thing is a dream come true. Silent operation, wonderful cabinet..etc.. I can't be more happy. Thanks old Pioneer!

10/10 by Monkeykeian

This turntable is wonderful, I have an ortofon 2m blue fitted, sound is great, looks the part, 34 years young and never misses a beat. I recommend getting one if you can. It outperforms my project carbon no problem.

10/10 by 762ROB

Love mine - it has an Ortofon Blue cartridge and is connected to a Pioneer SX 1250 Receiver and Klipsch KSF 10.5's.
Great performer no IGD at all, bought a new replacement dustcover on eBay and she looks brand new!

10/10 by lowlow007

Ouch !
A must have...A dream...

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