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Pioneer PL-640 Reviews

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Pioneer PL-640

Pioneer PL-640

5/10 by Berton

I just retrieve a platinum PL 640. I'm not adjust the arm. How much weight should I put it? It is a PC 5MC cell? Thanks
Best regards

5/10 by sleepy+

Hello, I have had this turntable since 1985-'86. It performs perfectly. Presently I am planning an upgrade from the MC cartridge to a Shure MM cartridge. I still have the original PN-5MC cartridge/stylus. Think it is time to replace it and keep the original in storage. It is easy to set the needle tracking and down force, it tracks well on slightly warped records without skips. My research has revealed that this Model is a little Rare. It is direct driven and the tone arm has Dynamic Resonance Material. I'm happy to answer any questions. Peace, Sleepy+

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