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Pioneer PL-5L Reviews

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Pioneer PL-5L

Pioneer PL-5L

9/10 by MikeBrewster77

I, too, am an American owner of the 100 volt PL-5L. Lots to love with this deck, particularly for an upper mid-fi table from a mass manufacturer. I have it paired with a Audio Technica AT15SS cartridge complete with a retipped original stylus (featuring the boron cantilever.) The setup almost rivals the best deck in my collection (a Thorens TD 126 MKII with a Sumiko Premier FT-3 tonearm and Talisman S MC cart.) Only real complaint is the ring of the platter, which could have been better dampened from the factory. You'll definitely want to ensure you use a step down transformer if you manage to find one of these and wish to use in the US.

9/10 by dsthornberry

I am probably the only one in the USA with this Japanese market 100 volt model. It is except for the smaller cabinet, dust cover and slightly different head on the tone arm the same as the PL-90. Pretty much manual except has auto lift and stop at the records lead in end. Same specs as the PL-90.

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