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Pioneer PL-570 Reviews

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Pioneer PL-570

Pioneer PL-570

10/10 by GOGORDY44

I bought my Pioneer PL 570 AND SX 650 in 1979 I still have them today. It took all my money I was still in high school. Still plays likes new. I knew how badass it was then.

9/10 by mikaymusic

Great table, have had it and it's manual brother the 550 for over a decade. Beautiful examples of Pioneer's finest vinyl hour. The PL-530 is the only model prettier, IMO.

10/10 by djohnfot

A great turntable from the later days of analog's golden age. It's big and heavy and nearly bulletproof. Performance is beyond reproach. Prices are rapidly escalating so if you can find one at a good price buy it!

10/10 by 762ROB

Love mine, it was restored and re-veneered in light blonde African anigree wood. Great performer and I use the clamp also with the same results. This table is a real looker!

10/10 by RTM

My third favorite Pioneer table. (I don't have experience with the PLX-1000 yet, but things sound promising.) It's not quite (stock) as immune to feedback as the L1000 or the 630, but with various tweaks and mods you can make it an easy five star 'table. Quiet, dependable and with a clamp it displays nearly silent black backgrounds. Another desert island 'table!

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