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Pioneer PL-560 Reviews

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Pioneer PL-560

Pioneer PL-560

9/10 by hughray

Found one in really good shape and had it professionally serviced and reconditioned down to wet sanding the dust cover. It is completely over engineered but that's what makes it so sturdy and cool looking. I had a Ortofon Super OM30 mounted and it sounds great after some effort to get the stylus properly aligned. My only minor gripe is that the return mechanism is noisy at the end of the album. This turntable weighs a ton and has a tremendous old school vibe. It should give me years of listening pleasure. If you find one out there, you should make the investment.

10/10 by RTM

Not quite the refinement of the 630, but a great (looking AND performing) alternative to the PL-630 ne plus ultra. Very quiet, improvements can be made with Sorbothane and a good cartridge. Number four in my present collection of Pioneer Tables. WELL worth investing in.

8/10 by twelvealo

excellent turntable. very solid and built like a tank. great sound as well

10/10 by lowlow007

A masterpiece of Pioneer !!! Very precise, nice sound and so beautifull !!!
As well as the excellent PL-630 or the fantastic PL-L1000 of the same brand.
If you find one, don't hesitate for hours, take it !!!

10/10 by czmer1

excellent turntable !

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